Successful Parole

After a person completes their prison term in the Texas prison system they do not immediately regain the freedoms they had before being incarcerated. In Texas and most other states there is a period of parole or probation that must be successfully completed first, usually for a period of 1 to 5 years, and sometimes lasting much longer.

Success is Within Reach

Texas Parole System

The state of Texas has a substantial parole and probation system. Although most people that fall under this system want it to end as soon as possible, many are returned to prison because they don't understand the conditions. For successful parole or probation, parole attorneys in Texas are available in most Texas counties to help you get through it successfully.

Texas Parole Hearings

If you have a loved one or close friend in prison that is coming up for a parole hearing soon you can help make that hearing a success. A Texas parole attorney knows what the parole board members are looking for during parole hearings when they consider granting parole for an inmate and they can help present your loved one in a positive light at that hearing.

Parole Violations

Sometimes a parolee falls under the unfortunate situation of being detained by law enforcement officers for a violation of parole. What follows is a parole revocation hearing in court to determine if the parolee should continue on parole or be returned to prison. If represented by an experienced attorney, parole violations may be dismissed or reduced with no further incarceration.

Let's Get In Touch!

With such a complex parole and probation system in Texas, why go through it alone? Let a Texas parole and probation attorney represent you in your upcoming parole grant hearing or revocation hearing, or simply to help you review and understand your parole conditions. We're here to help.